Manifest With The Moon Virtual Circle.


Create unlimited lunar abundance by connecting to your feminine inner power and the 8 phases of the moon.


Do you want to be happy and well, enjoy precious time on this earth ,and give back in a place of abundance rather than exhaustion, guilt or fear?

Are you ready to jump off the hamster wheel that is life and connect to your feminine,cyclical nature and work with your natural flow?

Do you long to connect to the whispers of your soul and find a grounded,practical way to reweave a path between your head, heart, mind and body….

Hi There, I’m Anne Bird and Manifest with Moon Circle Course is my baby!

I am a Women’s Mindset Coach. I specialize in working with women who are feeling drained by all the competing demands in their lives and want to re-energize and rewrite their story.

I empower them to silence their inner critic, shift negative thought patterns ,so they can create clear boundaries and  live confidently on their own terms.

I work with women 1-1 with my coaching programs, groups, virtual workshops and in person events. I use a mixture of practical strategies with modern day spirituality techniques but always make sure they keep their feet on the ground!

My Moon Story

So many women I meet tell me they have always felt a connection to the Moon!

For me it started when my daughter was young and as a single parent it was always  me driving us home at night from anywhere and I would see the Moon and tell her the story that the Moon was following us home to make sure we were guided back safely to our house!

I always had this sense that when  looking up at the night sky  I would feel  I was never on my own. Mother Moon was always there looking out for me .It was my  place of safety when life became challenging.

Creating Manifest with the Moon Virtual circle came from my own transformational journey of learning all about how the moon can transform how you live your life and connect with women’s own cyclical nature.

Connecting with the energies of the moon have been utilized over many centuries and the areas of moon energy have impacted on plant medicine, women’s cycle, and the ocean tides. Our ancestors lived in alignment with the seasons and phases of the moon and the feminine energy in particular can be harnessed at this time.

Working with the moon  will help bring about this inner light and balance if you feel you need to find with your feminine spirit. The new Moon is the perfect time to start the process.


What will you get when you join the Manifest with the Moon Virtual circle ?

28 Day Virtual Program.

4 Mini modules which correspond to each different Moon phase where you learn to harness the magical Moon Power!

Workbooks, Affirmations and Journaling prompts.

At the start of each module you will receive all the fabulous resources you need to complete the session and create the changes you need.

4 Live 20 minute Training Masterclasses

At the start of a new module these will take place in a Private Facebook group with a Q and A session at the end of each.There we can connect and share our journeys,learnings and inspiration.

Moon Calendar

A beautifully designed Moon phase calendar to keep you on track as the month progresses.


A Powerful visualisation/meditation to help you stay focused and on track through your Moon Journey!


A 30 minute call with me at the end of the program to get clarity on your intention and how you will move forward.



Is the Manifest with the Moon Virtual Circle guaranteed to bring you more money?

There are no guarantees  that if you buy this course then you will become richer! When I talk about manifesting and abundance I use the term in relation to inviting  more  joy, happiness and connection in your life.If you follow the course and do the inner work then you will enhance your self awareness and development creating a better world that you experience.

How quickly will I be able to start once I pay?


Shortly after you make the payment  you will receive an email with confirmation. Then you will be able to gain access to the private Facebook group where the Virtual Circle will take place. The course runs once a moth at the beginning of the new moon cycle.

How long does the course last?


The Virtual Moon Circle will last for 28 days, one whole moon cycle through the month. Further options to carry on what you have learnt or do further work with me will be discussed in your FREE 1-1 coaching session with me at the end of the course.

Is there a payment plan?


There is an option for a payment plan to split the cost into 2 payments. Contact me directly and I can set this up for you.


With Bonus….

30 minute call with me at the end of the program to get clarity on your intention and how you will move forward.

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